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The True Nature of a Leader

  Since setting up my business almost 3 years ago it has become increasingly clear to me that the difference between a leader and a worker is that leaders have a vision. For a leader, it’s not what is happening now, it’s what they want to happen tomorrow. Leaders then find the people who will […]

Getting Stuff Done

So, I spend probably more time then is healthy on thinking. Sometimes this is good and I get some great ideas. However, this often leads to daydreaming and before you know it I have lost what I was originally thinking about and I’ve wasted 5 minutes just darting from idea to idea. I’ve just been […]

Hey this is my new blog!

Ok, so it’s taken some time but I’ve got my personal blog set up. It’s gonna be a bit of fun but the fundamentals are about building a great life that you love and giving you the tools to do it. I hope you get what you want, it’s not always easy, but it is […]

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